Packaging Solutions

Packaging Solutions

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ARPAC - A Global Leader in Packaging Equipment Solutions

ARPAC LLC is a leading global packaging equipment manufacturer. We design, build and service a wide range of packaging equipment from shrink wrappers and case erectors to complete integrated packaging solutions, for a variety of applications. While our systems are found in-service worldwide, all ARPAC machinery is manufactured, serviced and supported in the USA.

We offer many base models for each machinery type, but also have deep experience in customization for individual units and systems. With 30,000 machine installations worldwide, ARPAC is well-versed in building packaging solutions to suit customers’ needs. We often leverage this experience to integrate packaging equipment from ARPAC and other manufacturers, developing complete packaging solutions for our clientele.

Further, ARPAC has one of the fastest order-to-shipment delivery times in the packaging machinery manufacturing industry. Our continual investment in our vertically integrated facility, coupled with solid lean manufacturing principles, give us a competitive production advantage. ARPAC maintains stock of many standard packaging machines at competitive prices for quick delivery. With one of the broadest lines of packaging equipment in the industry, we can provide multiple solutions to your packaging challenges and ensure you find the best fit possible.

OEM Integrated Systems
We excel in designing integrated packaging systems - not only can we modify existing lines, we can design and deliver custom packaging systems from scratch.
Palletizing Equipment
We are experts in the palletizing industry, including conventional palletizers and robotic palletizers.
Shrink Bundling/Multipacking Equipment
Our shrink bundling and multipacking equipment includes a variety of shrink wrappers and horizontal form fill machinery. Shrink wrapping protects products from environmental conditions and improves marketability, while horizontal form fill machinery is ideal for short or extended production runs.
Case/Tray Packing Equipment
Our standard and customized wraparound case/tray packers minimize labor requirements and increase production output. Our fully automatic case formers are capable of forming and sealing a large variety of styles and sizes of corrugated trays, cases and boxes.
Stretch Wrapping Equipment
We offer one of the most complete lines of stretch wrapping systems in the industry, including stretch platform, rotary tower and orbital stretch wrappers.
Shrink Tunnels
Our shrink tunnels produce consistent uniform film shrink using heavy-duty, variable speed blowers and heating elements.

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